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Our jewelry label

GemSession is the equivalent of authentic, unique and manually processed jewelry made of instruments such as cymbals, drum sticks, plectrums and guitar strings. Jointly with well-known artists and a creative design team, we create extraordinary and unique pendants, necklaces and rings made of real instruments.

Our jewelry brings artists and fans together and unites them in their passion for musical experience - because jewelry is a reflection of who we are and what is important for us.

Find our folded flyer here: <GS PROMOFLYER>

Upcycling - transform old into new

Usually, drum cymbals do not last long. Sooner or later, the musicians must replace them and they normally end up on a landfill. But, not with us!

Upcycling is a combination of the words upgrade and recycling. Unlike the process of recycling, the single components are not separated and reused to create a different product or material, but the initial products are rearranged and useless “trash“ is transformed into a new product. Upcycling brings so much creative and versatile potential to create unique items and it strengthens the social change towards a closed-circle economy, preserves resources and strengthens the awareness for environmental issues and wasteful use of resources.

To create our pendants, we use ‘retired’ cymbals and bring them back to life through our processing - and you play your part that these cymbals do not end up in the trash, on a landfill or somewhere else where they do not belong.

About us

GEM SESSIONS is a registered trademark of the thee AMM Arts Music Media UG. But we also do other projects related to the creative business.

Find out more on www.artsmusicmedia.de !

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