Care & Material Specific Instructions

General Information

Before putting on your piece of jewelry, always ensure that the clasp and possible safety devices do not have any play and that, for example, the knots on your collar have not come loose.

Material, Allergies and Discolorations

Most of our products are made of drum cymbals, which means that they are made of brass and bronze alloys.

Brass is a copper alloy which contains a large proportion of zinc; other metals such as tin or nickel can be added in smaller proportions to enhance cast and wrought alloys with certain properties. The situation is similar with bronze - a metal alloy that differs from brass mainly by its higher copper content.

The large proportion of copper in bronze and brass is the reason for the so called patina, which is formed by the reaction with acetic acid. But, the intensity of the oxidation depends on the individual and the body part on which the jewelry is worn, since the metal reacts with the acid which is contained in the air and the moisture of the skin. That process can be compared with the blackening of silver.

So, oxidizing and formation of black oxide and patina are completely normal and may increase, depending on how long you wear your piece of jewelry.

If you suffer from any known allergies to the components contained in brass or bronze, we advise you not to wear our jewelry. In general, we advise you to always wear our jewelry on top of clothes (on top of a T-shirt) and to avoid direct skin contact. If you have any questions to allergies or intolerances, please do not hesitate to contact us before your purchase and, of course, at any time afterwards.

Care Instructions

With the right care routine, your item will shine even longer. An easy and gentle way is to wipe it regularly with dry or moist cotton cloth - mild soapsuds or detergents can be useful here. A standard silver cleaning cloth is also ideal for restoring the natural shine of bronze jewelry.

Please keep in mind, that a slight discoloration is not unusual - in fact discoloration is a display of the individual and its habits and therefor makes your gem as unique as you are.

Do not use any agents that are not intended for cleaning your jewelry (e.g. acid)! A first effect can be deceptive here - at first you are excited about the results and finally you realize, that the surface has been negatively affected and you have to clean your gem even more.

If you stick to our easy and simple cleaning recommendations, you will surely enjoy your gem for a long time - without it loosing its remarkable look!


In general, you should always keep your jewelry dry and clean to ensure that the metal does not oxidize too quickly. Please take off your jewelry before taking a shower, swimming or going to the sauna and please do not keep it in damp rooms.

If you do not keep single jewelry items away from other items, they can scratch each other. We therefor suggest to keep them separate in their respective cases, in which they were delivered or, for example, in a jewelry box. We advise you to not store several pieces of jewelry together without their individual protection. To avoid knots, necklaces should be stored flat and closed. Please be careful to not bend the necklaces (especially those made of leather or cotton) since otherwise they would suffer permanent damage.