Necklace “PLEK (SHINY EDITION)“ made of drum cymbals (Upcycling | Brass)

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There is hardly another symbol that stands more for music than the plectrum. The small, handy... mehr
Produktinformationen "Necklace “PLEK (SHINY EDITION)“ made of drum cymbals (Upcycling | Brass)"

There is hardly another symbol that stands more for music than the plectrum. The small, handy
tool used by musicians is one of the most important utensils, especially for guitar players. The
plectrum (also called “pick“) serves to strike the strings of the instruments. Our Plek design picks
up the energy of the pick and reflects the rich and vivid facets of music.

SHINY Edition:
All that glitter is not gold - as they say. But, one could dare to say that you are holding a gold-
pendant in your hands, if you choose this piece of jewelry from our SHINY Series. Made of
carefully selected brass-cymbals, the surface of this pendant is shiny and reflective. You are
dressed to impress with this special pendant and you’ll be the eye-catcher at any party!

Please note: The product pictures are only sample pictures! Each pendant is unique, the surface of
each piece of jewelry varies!

GEM SESSIONS jewelry is made of old drum cymbals. The structures of the bronze and the brass
are a result of the turning and hammering. That is why every single surface structure is unique. Our
products are made of individual and used materials which is why they may vary in color (e.g.
brightness of the metal or shading of the pendant), material and surface structure (e.g. narrow or
wide grooves, direction of the grooves). The product displayed on the respective pictures are
examples. If you wear the pendant over a longer period of time, the piece of jewelry may start to
change the color. Due to its high content of copper, the material starts to react with the air and the
sweat and forms a natural protective surface: the patina. That varies from person to person - after
a couple of weeks the necklace will be your unique and personal piece of jewelry.

Necklace: Cotton, Leather
Type: Necklace
Material: Brass
Measurements (mm): 29x23
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