Merchandise for your band!

Are you looking for unique merchandising for you and your band? Well - you have found what you were looking for!

GemSession creates individual designs for musicians and creates personal jewelry collections.

We offer jewelry made of cymbals which is tailored and branded exclusively to your band!

But, jewelry and music - is that a perfect match? It is indeed, if you ask us! Due to declining sales of recorded music and low margins for audio streaming and downloads, the sale of merchandise and by-products - in addition to the income from the live business - has once again grown significantly. Fans want to be surprised and impressed by the content. Limited editions, elaborately designed LPs and extraordinary rewards, e.g. in the context of crowd funding campaigns, are proof that high maintenance and extraordinary products catch the fans’ interest and can be sold easily. Increase your band’s income with products like this and enable musicians to follow their passion of making music. Music fans often love and wear items of their favorite bands - and they often wear jewelry. So why not combine these two?

Special merchandise for your band!

Expand your portfolio by unique jewelry made of cymbals. These unique and extraordinary pendants turn into a special memory for your fans on tour, expand the offer of your online shop and generate additional income. Bonus: Distribution via our marketing and sales channels Your fans can purchase your jewelry via our online shop and you receive a commission from every sale. Plus: we are on site at festivals with our sales stands and offer the jewelry directly to the festival visitors, we offer retail distribution (e.g. music stores, jewelry stores) and we advertise in relevant mail folders, print and online magazines - this is how get your jewelry to the fan, jointly.

Are you interested?

Let’s turn your idea into jewelry - e.g. inspired by your band logo or an album cover. We produce the pendants in your chosen design, consisting of the finished component and an additional fine cotton or leather necklace. All that comes in a beautiful high-quality packaging that mets the taste of any fan.

Are you interested in a customized design for your band?

Get in touch - we are looking forward to hearing from you and to prepare an offer that is individually tailored to your needs and expectations.

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