Necklace “ZWEIKANALTON“ made of drum cymbals (Signature | Upcycling | Brass)

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Zweikanalton is a congenial Austrian pop duo in their twenties, that creates melodic German pop... mehr
Produktinformationen "Necklace “ZWEIKANALTON“ made of drum cymbals (Signature | Upcycling | Brass)"

Zweikanalton is a congenial Austrian pop duo in their twenties, that creates melodic German pop -
somewhere in between romantic and groovy. The two brothers, Markus and Jonas, grew up with
music and for about five years now, their songs have been reaching the world outside their family.
They started to grow their fanbase on YouTube and today, they have released a number of singles
- you can listen to their songs on Spotify, for example. Their song “Ohne Dich kann das kein
Sommer sein“ reached number one of the listeners’ charts of an Austrian radio station. They care a
lot for the dreams and wishes of their fans and they have not only proven that with their single
“Vegas & Madrid“, but also by fulfilling fulfilling some of their fans’ wishes - be it a hot-air balloon
ride or a trip to Madrid. Here at GEM SESSIONS, you can get the Zweikanalton pendant with the
beautiful band logo in two sizes: a small one made of brass and a large one made of bronze. From
now on, all fans of the Austrian duo can wear their favorite band close to their hearts!

GEM SESSIONS jewelry is made of old drum cymbals. The structures of the bronze and the brass
are a result of the turning and hammering. That is why every single surface structure is unique. Our
products are made of individual and used materials which is why they may vary in color (e.g.
brightness of the metal or shading of the pendant), material and surface structure (e.g. narrow or
wide grooves, direction of the grooves). The product displayed on the respective pictures are
examples. If you wear the pendant over a longer period of time, the piece of jewelry may start to
change the color. Due to its high content of copper, the material starts to react with the air and the

sweat and forms a natural protective surface: the patina. That varies from person to person - after
a couple of weeks the necklace will be your unique and personal piece of jewelry.

Measurements (mm): 20x17, 35x35
Material: Brass, Bronze
Necklace: Cotton, Leather
Type: Necklace
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